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Monte Estoril new build houses for sale

Here we are reviewing all houses for sale in Monte Estoril, Cascais, Portugal. There are a number of new builds and property developments emerging in Monte Estoril with prices ranging from about 4500 Euros Per Sq Meter to around 9000 Euros Per Sq Meter, depending on the location and construction quality, project prices vary incredibly. The new build property for sale being offered here is at the lower end of the price bracket and while the value on the project is very high as well as the location is fantastic, the savings come primarily from good project planning and these savings are being passed on to the investor/buyer of this project by the existing the project developer. There are a lot of extra benefits to purchasing a house off-plan, but typically the most important is the price saving that derives from this project. As such on this project, an investor will be looking to gain over 50% from their investment on a two-year timeline.

How safe are property investments in Cascais, Portugal?

How is it possible to make a house for half the current market price? If it sounds too good to be true then it normally is right? In this case, the process is totally logical and transparent, the risk on this project is very low because everything that has been planned can be verified and confirmed easily. More than just contracts and land ownership rights are being used to guarantee the success of this project. This project is secured by total transparency and financial control that the investor will have in the project. The project is also guaranteed by the land, but the offer here is for a partnership in the project to become one of the key parties and to join the other developer on this journey. Actually, the prices offered here are not incredibly cheap (just the cost price), only that retail prices have risen so sharply in recent years because of pressure on good housing stock, that the market has seen a wild spike in price (bubble) on similar projects and yet the existing developer is trying to maximize sensible gains for all parties.

As repeated, above, this project is well planned financially, but not incredibly cheap, just the normal (uninflated) price for what should be possible while the market remains in a frenzy bubble mode, which looks set to continue for some time while the last remaining months are offered to more people looking to enter Portugal under the NHR program, which has been one of the big drivers of immigration to Portugal of high net worth individuals from northern Europe in recent years who have benefited from zero tax rate on pensions.

Construction and new build house Price Per Square Meter in Cascais

How much does it cost to build in Portugal? The average building cost at this time in Portugal is around 1800 - 2000 euros per sq meter in Cascais, plus vat. This means that with 23% added the base price is about 2250 euros Per SQM at minimum. Land costs in good areas in Cascais start at around 500 euros per square meter ranging to about 1k per Sqm maximum, and the cost of project planning normally accounts for between 5-10% of the project costs. So a 1 million euro project will have between 50K and 100K in planning costs. So altogether a 250 SQM new build house in Cascais will have a cost price of around 1 million Euros once taken into account transfer taxes and agent fees. Hence retail prices are typically starting from about 1.5 Million euros for new-build constructions with about 250 Sqm of space in the region. This puts the cost price per square meter to about 4K euros and the retail price from between 6k euros and typically 8k5 euros.

New Build housing construction projects in the Monte Estoril Area

The main comparison projects to Monte Estoril Residences that are also new developments in Monte Estoril area are the following projects:

293 av Brasil

Brazil Residences


Monte Estoril Ocean Residence

Vila Montrose

These are a fine example of the new construction projects currently recently finished in the area with retail prices > 8000 euros per square meter.

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