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Monte Estoril Residences

Located in Monte Estoril, this exclusive private residence is positioned behind the Miragem Hotel and can be accessed directly from the beach via an underpass and short walk through the Parque de Palmela. Located in R. Santo António, 2750-642 Cascais. 38.709381, -9.412458. This brand new construction spans over five floors supported by an internal lift, with three bedrooms, a total ground floor living area of about 50 SQM, a private garden of over 100 SQM including an 11M * 2M heated swimming (Lap) pool. Making use of Geo-Thermal energy, strong insulation, solar energy, and incorporating a heat recovery ventilation system, this house has energy conservation in mind. Finished externally in stone, zinc, and wood, with a blend of dark tones and light wooden finishes.

The house will have parking space for two cars and is situated in a quiet residential area. The rear of the house has unobstructed views overlooking the Ribeira da Castelhana valley and is a stone’s throw from Av. de Brasil and Av. de Argentina. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2021. The price is set at €1,275,000. A unique opportunity in the area considering land costs and the value invested into construction.

Project History

This project was developed as a private residence and is now promoted directly by the owner who is offering a carbon copy of the house intended for himself. The buyer will acquire one half of a project that was originally purchased with the view to build one house on two lots. However, planning for such a concept was refused by city hall, thus now, one house from this two-house project is being sold for about the same price that someone could achieve if they were to purchase the land and develop a single house from the ground-up themselves, factoring in, the land value, the construction value, project planning fees, + taxes. 

Building Price Comparison

Similar Commercial ConstructionSimilar Private Project
Land Value 370,000 370,000
Land Transfer Tax 22,200 22,200
Architect Fees 5% of total 56,000 59,000
Project Licensing  10,000 10,000
Construction Labour 300,000 0
Construction Materials  300,000 0
Materials TVA 69,000 0
Construction Price  0 600,000
Construction TVA 0 138,000
Developer Profit 300,000 0
Profit - Corporation Tax 63,000 0
Real estate fee 60,000 0
Real Estate TVA 13,800 0
Legal Costs  1,000 1,000



For this project, full project planning has taken almost two years to prepare ready for submission of the comunicação prévia and in general, it typically takes about one year from start to finish, providing there are no setbacks! The most important incentive of this project over developing your own private project will be to save the buyer the necessary time in project planning + finding the land (and finalizing the sale), then also, in this case, the management of the construction process and quality control. In total there are about four years of work facing anyone who will embark on a similar private project and with house prices moving up on average by more than 10% per year in Cascais, buying into this project will benefit the buyer by being two years quicker and could actually cost below the price the buyer would be facing for the same house by doing it from the ground up with just one house.

There are many savings being made possible that occur during planning and constructing of two houses at the same time, such as negotiating of materials and services, which are being passed onto the buyer, by way of extra value and better materials used within the project when compared with other commercial projects retailing at about the same price. Thus, this unique project has savings for the buyer, from all the setbacks, a considerable amount of time, work, research, stress, tax planning, and all the difficult decisions and compromises that are necessary when developing one’s own house project, which is reflected in the overall value, love, and care being invested into this construction project, against the final asking price of this house which is also free of any estate agency fees.  

For example, the stone cladding costing considerably more than paint! Navigating the steep terrain of Monte Estoril, and the planning regulations, this house is designed to span over five storeys interconnected by an internal lift. The house’s main design feature is an interesting overhanging rear block supported by steel pillars, giving rise to a larger living area than the footprint occupies with staggering views of the skyline while releasing valuable extra garden space! 

With energy efficiency in mind, there is a geothermal ground source heat pump system supplying heated water to the swimming pool with considerable long term electricity savings. This house has triple the density of insulation than found on similar projects in the area, and high-quality double glazing windows with solar filtered glass. The energy required for heating, and cooling is optimised for long term independence from the energy grid. One of the often-overlooked but important considerations when buying a house is to know the yearly running costs for utilities and maintenance fees; while this project was designed to use an efficient electronic solar energy system and is wired with internal power sockets providing 19.6V(laptops), 12V(wifi’s), and a 5V(mobiles) lines directly from batteries as well as the traditional 240V power line, powering modern electronic devices directly from solar. This house will have one of the lowest energy consumption rates for utilities and maintenance in Portugal for a comparative size home! This house has the future of electronic powered gadgets in mind. 

And at the same time, the buyer will be acquiring a house which is not part of a condominium, or an apartment in a block (no maintenance fees) which has its own garden and good privacy, that enjoys unobstructed views of Ribeira da Castelhana valley, it is not close to any main roads with the accompanying sound and air pollution, and does not have any telephone transmission towers within dangerous distances. While it is only 8 minutes’ walk to the beach (partly through Palmela park), and it is located conveniently close to the village centre of Monte Estoril which features the Garden of Carlos Anjos. Monte Estoril Village supports numerous renowned restaurants and has an amazing community feeling within the neighbourhood. The house is close enough to comfortably walk to and from Cascais village. 

As an investment property, this project makes financial sense, below the chart compares percentage returns over different timeframes.

Investment projections based on 1,275,000 investment 

Annual Percentage Return Net

Gross Annual  Income

Short Term Management Fees 20%

Daily Rental Rate Inc Fees

Monthly Rental Rate 

5% 63750 12750 209 5312
6% 76500 15300 251 6375
7% 89250 17850 293 7437

These average figures are realistic to achieve with market prices for short term rentals and long term rentals in Cascais and Monte Estoril for similar-sized properties of similar quality. 

House Valuations 

* subject to further planning  

house 2 beds house 3 beds * 4 beds *
Remax Real Estate Valuation  1200000 1500000 1800000
Bank Mortgage Valuation 1000000 1275000 1500000
Comparative Average Day Rate Airbnb 209 250  300

Floor Plans

Living Area Floor 0

Private Area Floor 1

Private Area Floor -1

Room Size Chart

Master Bedroom  17.2 SQM
Bedroom Two  17.8 SQM
Bedroom Three (Plus one) 22 SQM

Payment Schedule

Phase 1 30% €300,000
Phase 2 10% €150,000
Phase 3 10% €150,000
Phase 4 10% €150,000
Phase 5 10% €150,000
Phase 6 10% €150,000
Phase 7 10% €100,000
Phase 8 10% €125,000

This is a unique chance to buy into a private project that has complete planning and will be fully managed during construction, while at the same time without the typical developer profits, agent fees and associated extra taxes found on similar commercial projects. There is only one house available to be sold like this and once a buyer has committed, this opportunity will end. The buyer should have finance in place ready to commit to the financing plan outlined. This project is secured by the land and buyer protection derives via scheduled payments in line with project progress and will have paid the final price by the completion of the project and exchange of deeds. The buyer becomes in effect the financier for the construction and as a result will earn a profit on this investment by way acquiring the house below market value, netting the buyer > 20% gain on an 18 month investment. 

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